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Beck & Pollitzer secures Landmark contract with SMS Group 

SMS have awarded the installation of the new PCC plant in Iceland to Beck & Pollitzer.  The project will start in September 2016 and will carry on for 20 months, with commissioning planned for 2018.

Currently, there are no existing plants for PCC in Iceland – making this project a first.  The project entails the Installation of complete silicon ore smelting plant (7700 tons of equipment), including mechanical and pipework installation.

The history of PCC, further information on details of project and a video on the expectation of the end facility can be found here:

From September 2016, Beck & Pollitzer Poland will be on site, leading the project.  This project shall be the first of three such projects undertaken for SMS on behalf of PCC, with a new plant to be established near Reykjavik in 2018 and a further duplication of plant and production lines in 2020.

This project is a fabulous undertaking for Beck & Pollitzer, which will help the company grow further – starting with a permanent Beck & Pollitzer subsidiary in Iceland.