Machinery Installation overview

Clarkson Industrial provides comprehensive machine installation solutions for production machinery, industrial plant and mechanical infrastructure.

A key part of our service is listening and working in partnership with our clients to ensure not only a successful installation of the machinery but also a delivery that’s on time and on budget.

As a complete solutions provider our support does not end with machine installation. We also offer a maintenance and modification service to ensure that your machinery continues to operate smoothly once it has been installed.

Specific installation service

  • Decommissioning and removing existing machinery
  • Datum surveys and alignment checks
  • Preparation of foundations and footings
  • Floor marking and positioning checks
  • Drilling and preparation of floor fixings
  • Heavy lifting into position utilising our fleet of cranes, hydraulic gantries, forklifts, versa lifts and twinlifts
  • Mechanical installation including any rebuilding along with the installation of guards or ancillary equipment
  • Alignment and levelling
  • Installation of mechanical and electrical services, along with any ducting and ventilation systems
  • Manufacturing and installing floor plates, walkways and access platforms as necessary
  • Testing and pre-commissioning work
  • Final commissioning work in conjunction with client and/or OEMs
  • Finishing aesthetic touches
  • Handover to client and documentation


As one of our core services we are able to assist with your installation needs across Europe and globally. To date we have conducted machine installation projects in over 45 countries.

We are particularly experienced in projects requiring dismantling in one country and then transportation and installation in another.

Our team of engineers and project managers are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. They can identify the best way to deliver your installation project, as well as manage any issues at an early stage of the project.